How to Terminate a Call Hanging in Conference Bridge

Using Freepbx 15 we Free1 call another Freepbx system (Free2) and join a conference on Free2. Then we transfer Free2 to a conf bridge on Free1 so other users on Free1 can join call. When all Free1 users disconnect, the unattended Free2 conference remains open in the Conf Bridge on Free1. How can we force terminate the connection? Short of rebooting Free1 of course.

You can kick users off from the command line or via AMI:

Or, if after transferring Free2 to the Free1 bridge, you can call in yourself as an admin, with the conference set to kick everyone off when you hang up:

Excellent. Thanks much.

I had a reason at one point to create a bash script to do this confkick.php · GitHub

Excellent. Thanks.

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