How to tell where Music on hold is used

Is there a way to tell where a Music on Hold file is being used? We have some calls coming in that are still getting Christmas music and I can’t find where that’s being routed. I’ve tried looking at the DID, Ext, Ring Group, etc. and I can not find where it’s calling the Christmas music from.

If you go to Announcements you can see all the destinations calling for that announcement. Is there something similar for MOH that would show me where it’s being called from?

You could trace this with the console and asterisk -rvvv . A bit messy but it would should you the path through the dialplan and the name of the MOH files/MOH classes. Then it should be easier to map that to the GUI settings.

I was finally able to find this particular violation. Turns out we’ve been playing Christmas music for a lot more callers than we had realized. Maybe people just like Christmas music.

Anyway, would be nice to have a better / faster way to have found this thing but my problem is solved for now.

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