How to switch browsing web UI from another network

I have just finished installing freepbx. And My computer has two interfaces wired and wifi. I am able to browse web UI on wired but not on wifi. How could I change the setting so I can see GUI on wifi?

My guess is your wifi unit probably routes out directly to the internet, and doesn’t have any routes to the rest of your internal network. How to do this would depend on the model of router your using, how your firewall is configured, etc.

Can you get to any other LAN resources from your wifi interface? Is your wifi vlaned?

Thanks for your reply. Actually, wired and wifi are in the same network with different IP addresses and not with vLan. Wired interface is static and wifi is DHCP and has the same DNS. I think freePBX or Apache is not bind with wifi adapter. I don’t know Apache can be bound to two or more adapters. I am just testing. So if it can be bound to wifi, I would use wifi for Internet and SIP connections and wired for local phones.