How to suppress queue toggle prompts

We run an outbound call center, but do have a number of inbound calls come in. We want to use queues to handle the inbound calls, but have some issues to resolve.

Our agents can be logged into only one of a number of inbound queues at a time. When the agent logs in, the queue is determined, and the agent is then logged into the queue.

Since our call center is mainly outbound, I want to only have the agent unpaused between outbound calls, once after call work is performed. So basically I want to toggle pause for the agent. Note that I do not want to use the Wrap Up Time setting. This cannot be an arbitrary value. The queue must be programmatically toggled to paused once they end the previous call, and toggled to unpaused once the agent has finished dispositioning the previous call. This could be 20 seconds or 120 seconds.

So my issue is, how can I suppress the toggle pause voice message, so it does not become extremely annoying to the agents? we are currently running 5.211.65-21.

I tried setting Feature Code Beep Only, but that has no affect. I’d really like to ‘hide’ completely the pause toggle of the queue, so it is invisible to the agent.

I should add the following.

We are using an in-house built call center app, and use a commercial softphone embedded in the web page. So we are SIP only. The interaction with the softphone, and thus with FreePBX is controlled using javascript in the web page.

After some additional research I find I should be able to use DND activate/de-activate to toggle the queue sending calls to the agent, with just a beep instead of a voice prompt. Though still I would prefer no prompt at all.