How to stop using outgoing trunk after x min per month?

Hi I have a provider which gives me 1000 free minutes after that it is expensive and I would like to switch my outgoing calls to another provider. Is there a way of setting it up?

Unless there’s a commercial module that does it, I can’t think of a way short of writing custom context code.

There is the third party module, Trunk Balancing, which can do this. Unfortunately it has not been touched in years, so it may or may not work on current versions of FreePBX.

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Wow never even knew this existed. This would be a great module to roll into the distro so it’s installed by default. Of course it would most likely need to be updated to current standards.

This module is okay for the most part, but not coded to a standard where it could be included by default without major rework. I don’t believe it provides functionality that is is wide demand, so I would argue that it is fine right where it is.

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