How to stop redial from another SIM while the called number is busy

how to stop redial from another SIM while the called number is busy or canceled the call

It may be a language barrier thing or bad translation but your question makes no sense.

Can you explain what you are trying to do. Then explain what is happening

When I call a number from the PBX Server via SIM

it ringing, but when I cancel from the called device the PBX trying to call again from another SIM

how can I resolve that ?

What do you mean by SIM. Is that an acronym? Device model?

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

So you are using a GSM card. Do you have each port on the card setup as a different trunk?

Can you provide a call trace?

we have server freepbx with card gsm w400 4chanel and same problem auto redial

plz help

@fleex1 as requested from tho OP can you provide a call trace.

whats OP ???

Dear support

we have 4 sim card connected to sangoma Card w400 GSM Quad

the issue happen when there’s outgoing call it’s ringing as normal but when costumer cancel or no answer it’s redial from all sims Cards also the tone of call still normal and we haven’t any idea that swap between Sim Cards

So how Disable This Option

Ass Soon As Possible

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Please note that this is not support. It is a community forum and thus you should not expect timely responses.

ok sorry
I am not unmindful

Still looking for a call trace