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I am totally new to free pbx and Voip Stuff this mite be a stupid question but,
i installed the current Asterisk Now (1.5) and entered the web based config page Http://“serverip”

Now all i need is to add 2 or more ipphones but with a fresh installation what is the steps i need to follow to start using this server.

I bought 2 sip phones and my supplier told me the phones will work with Astrix

So my question how do i add this phone to the server and give them numbers so me and my friends can start calling each other.

I am only using this on a wireless network (basic network)


Search for the FreePBX documentation and “Asterisk Without Tears” so that you have a clue. You need to do some research and study on your own to get acquainted with the software.

Using keywords like Asterisk, FreePBX and Documentation in a Google search will get you started.

Hi Thanks for the replay

all a wanna know is: Do i need to add a extension only for internal calling services or do i still need to add trunks and DID’s and so on.

Ill be grateful to know just this info from there ill do all the research myself.


Any one?

We would be grateful if you would read the getting started guide and then come back and ask your questions.

I did as you asked but my phones still time out can some one tell me: the user name i enter one the phone is this the extension no. or display name?


Fl3tch -

What guide did you read? What phones are you trying to setup? What version of FreePBX are you running? If it was installed from a Distribution such as Asterisk Now please tell us the version of that.

What is your network topology? Are the phones located on the same LAN as your server or off net?

I will answer your question, Extension number is the authentication username in SIP speak, secret is the password.

If you hover your mouse over the field label “tool tips” will guide you.

I recommend the the PBXiaF Without Tears Guide from Ben Sharif. It is generic enough to help you with any of the FreePBX variants.

I agree with Fl3tch. You are asking us to solve a 100 piece puzzle through the magic of ESP or mental telepathy. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of books, tutorials and documentation found on the internet so you may need to start there. FreePBX and Asterisk is really designed for people who really find this stuff fascinating and really want to understand how it works.

My suggestion would be to visit and look for 'asterisk tutorial" or “freepbx extension”. I am also a huge fan of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony by O’Reilly Media. You can find it on Amazon. I found my copy at a local Barnes and Nobles.