How to speed up playback of system prompts in voicemail

Our users are reporting that listening to voicemail messages is an extremely slow process for them.
We have had the following voicemail settings enabled: Say CID, Say Duration, Envelope Playback.

Is there a way to speed up the playback of the system prompts to our users. We can turn off these settings but for those who wish to still have them turned on, can we speed them up?
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You can use sox to change both rate and pitch, it will sound strange though. You can also record your own abbreviated versions

Yes, and we have done that as a default but others wish them on and have reported that the playbacks are slow. Just wondering if there is a way to speed up the playback or if we have to re-record specific prompts.

We accomplished this be rerecording prompts at a faster cadence. We used AWS Polly TTS, which provided consistent tone, and has tools for speeding up the talking speed.

There is a problem though, many of those are a concatenation of many other files, so any solution is not going to be trivial.

What I’m hearing is that re-recording of the files would be necessary.
There are many files within the voicemail audio section.
We have re-recorded many of the default prompts with our own voice and content.
There is no option within the GUI to speed up the playback.

Thanks for the feedback and proposed audio utilities to record / repair with.
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This is true, ultimately we went this route for conformity. We also use Polly for TTS on the fly, so now all of our recordings & TTS are consistent in voice, volume and cadence. We also employ several FreePBX boxes, so once we did this once, it was nice that we could just copy and paste to the others.

The “right ™” way would be to contact @VoiceGoddess and ask her to re-record the pieces you want in a more “faster” cadence. :slight_smile: I’m sure it would be easier than you doing it; and more expensive as well.

The recordings are just recordings - there’s nothing built into the system to manipulate any of the characteristics of the recordings (yet).

The system, however, is Open Source, so if you wanted to try to make some changes to the way the recording playback module works, I’m sure it would be an interesting adventure you could then donate back to the system…

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