How to show User photo on sip-phone?


I have many Extensions linked to Users.
Each User have photo in User Details - Contact Image.

It is possible to show this photo on sip-phone color screen as caller photo (with number and name)?

Their is no standard for this. We built the feature in Sangoma Phones but not aware of any other phone that will do that

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Not sure if it’s the same for other phone vendors, but on Mitel/Aastra phones this is called “Picture ID”. It works by creating a network accessible picture repository (it can be a simple webserver, TFTP or FTP). Then the pictures associated with the callers are dynamically retrieved from the repository for each call and also kept in cache to reduce network traffic.

"Pictures must be in “.png” format, 150 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall, and in 24-bit or 32-bit color. The filenames for pictures must be stored using the phone number as the filename (for example, 9995551234.png). Enabling and disabling Picture ID on the phone can be done by configuration files only."
If you are EndPoint Manager in FreePBX you can use the BaseFile edit, and edit the aastra.cfg file to include Parameter “image server uri” and the Value would be server URI, like “tftp://”.

In FreePBX inside the Contact Manager there is a Contact Image that you can upload. I don’t know where these images are stored on the FreePBX file system, but I’d assume if the file formats matched (.png), it was a central directory for images, and if made accessible from FTP, TFTP, HTTP, etc… you could point your Server URI to that file folder, and gain the ability to have end-users update their own Contact/Picture ID. There is a submitted FreePBX feature request for this:

It does work, but I should say I haven’t deployed this Picture ID solution for any of my clients/customers before. I don’t really know what kind of network load this takes on the PBX or the phones. However, the company I work for we use this internally just as a silly proof of concept and it works well and we haven’t noticed any issues. We rotate the Picture ID from Pokemon characters to Star Wars, etc and try to keep things interesting.

As well, Snom and Polycom are both capable of this. I use the Mitel picture ID and it works great.

I’m assuming the pictures are stored in a way they’re accessible from an HTTP string. Any way to find out what that is? Maybe the data can be added to other phones to allow them to pull the pic from the database as well…

I recently looked into this. Unfortunately those contact manager pictures are stored as blobs in the mysql database. Some customer script would have to be run to convert them back to a usable jpg or png file.

I’m just a simple country network engineer, but couldn’t you display the picture using a PHP script that accessed the blob and passed it back to the application as a properly formatted PNG? could be a start…

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on Yealink telephones, you can upload the photos directly into the telephone.

Which would require the phones to be edited every time you made contact changes. I think we were hoping for something a bit more dynamic.