How to share extensions in multiple PBX?

Hi all

Let’s assume I have three freepbx system A B C
System A has two IAX trunk, the one to system B and the other to system C
From system A i can call directly system B or C extensions and vice-versa

How (if possible) can I call system B extensions from system C and vice-versa without a trunk between B and C systems ???

(let’s say system A is the center of a star network)

Is there any feature (like in Avaya systems is called “small community network”) that automatically instruct and share about resources of the pbx network ??

Thank you

Research DUNDI and see if that will work for you.

Thank you for information
I think it is exactly what i was searching for…
Do you (or anybody else experienced) know if , following my example, a DUNDI trunk/config between A—B and A—C does the B and C pbx to know each other of their extensions and eventually place a call via A pbx ??
Or I need always a meshed network rather a star one ??