How to setup timebound policy for extensions

Hi Folks,

I would like to setup time bound policy like when our user if he doesn’t pick up the phone for 5 rings it automatically redirects on his cell but if i want to make for voice mail in night time.


  1. In day time unanswered phone will get redirect to his cell.
  2. In Night time unanswered phone call will redirect to his voice mail.

Please help me to get this done.


A couple of questions:

Does this user have a standard extension…a phone on their desk, or is the cell phone the only phone?
If so, do you want this extension to ring at night, or have the call go directly to VM.

Use the unanswered option at the bottom of extension setup to send call to a time condition, from there send to a ring group to call the cell for a true condition or to voicemail for a false condition. Have not tried it but it should work.