How to setup system that directs to queue only if busy

Small office, four employees and 3 yealink phones. I want to have it where an incoming caller starts with the IVR and then it rings all three phones. If it rings all 5 times and if there is no answer, they get directed to voicemail. If however, there is someone in the office, on a call, the incoming caller will instead wait on hold, not goto voicemail. Right now if an phone is in use, it still rings 5 times and goes to voicemail. I don’t want people to have to log in and out of queues, because they ultimately forget to log out. Tried that already. Currently I just have a basic ring group setup. How would I configure this?

What does the initial IVR do?
Looks like you need a Queue with static agents there are many ways to exit that queue but that’s another post if the ‘hover-over help’ doesn’t clue you

The initial IVR and recording gives the option to speak with a reservation/sales agent, to speak to the marketing lady, hear the hours of operation, or the address.

Then send the desired IVR selection to a well constructed queue

I read the wiki on building queues multiple times. I am stuck, can you give me a hint?

I don’t see any way of doing this without telling the PBX that you have agents ready to answer calls, which is what the queue login/pause does. You could enable queue auto-pause which will automatically pause agents if they don’t answer their phone, but most admins find that doesn’t work because they don’t unpause.

(If any agent doesn’t un-pause, they shouldn’t get paid, it’s a human engineering thing, kinda like an un-punched time-clock :slight_smile: )

BLF’s with LED activity for pause/unpause should assist with compliance. Otherwise you can borrow from @cynjut’s school of management:


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