How to setup Queues like a ring group?

We have always used ring groups. The issue is, it shows missed calls on the other phones even when the call is answered. From my research, we can do a queue and turn on “Mark calls answered elsewhere” to correct the issue. All I need is for the queue to work just like a ring group with this feature. When I went to setup the queue there are a lot of options. How would I configure this?

Follow the wiki. It will take you step by step.

(Ctrl+f) search “Mark calls answered elsewhere”

It is just one option you toggle.

The phone has to be able to support it, but since you do this with your ring groups, I assume your phone will support it.

We use queues exclusively for things like customer service and technical support and we don’t have to change any of the default options for it to just work the way it should. I just looked and we don’t even have ‘Marked Calls As Answered Elsewhere’ enabled on them. It does a ring-all and when someone answers a call in queue it stops ringing the other extensions.

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