How to setup FreePBX sending/receiving faxes


newbie here, i’m using FreePBX with Asterisk (Ver.
I have installed digium’s fax for asterisk following the steps here: Also downloaded and installed faxgui-ari-module.tar.gz by following the steps here:
I tried creating extension for fax, inbound route for fax, and outbound route for fax, enabled T38 passthrough in Asterisk SIP Settings and put in fax Header and Outgoing email address in Fax configuration. Sending fax thru User Panel was also enabled.
However, when i tried sending fax using my extension, i’m getting this message: “Your fax sending has been initiated. You should receive an email shortly when the fax reaches the queue. If you don’t receive an email in 10 minutes, there has been a problem with sending your fax and you should try again”. tried it several times but did not receive any notification.
If you could please help me get this work. Can somebody tell me what to configure and how to configure FreePBX faxing.

thanks in advance