How to setup call forwarding or FMFM only for calls from a certain list?

I’m trying to figure out how to setup call forwarding (or find me follow me) only for internal extensions, or only for certain external numbers. Before now, FMFM for all calls was fine. I found Dynamic Routes, but not sure if that is the proper way to go about it.

You don’t want find me follow me to go to phone numbers outside the PBX?

My apologies, I should have been more clear with my question.

Most often, call forwarding or FMFM is all or nothing. When enabled, all calls regardless of source will be subject to forwarding. I’m looking to find a way to only enable call forwarding when a call is from a certain group. Group is a bit ambiguous here…it could be anything internal (not from trunk), an extension range, certain users, whatever.

The need for this is only having a few calls forwarded to my cell, not every call.

This is a variation on the boss secretary flow described here: Setting up Boss/Secretary using Dynamic Routes

On the FMFM instead of putting the mobile number put a misc application. Then set up a flow as follows

Misc App -> dynroute -> default destination VM

The dynroute looks for extensions flagged for access and sends caller to a misc destination for your mobile. All other callers go to the dynroute default.

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Thank you. I need to read up more on dynamic routes, it appears that they can be a solution to many things.

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