How to setup a Incoming DID in Free PBX

Hello Folks

Please don’t mind it by looking subject. Its true.
I am looking first time this telecommunication.
I don’t know how its work but i want to play.

I setup a Box with Asterisk,Freepbx and A2billing after a lot of reading.
But i am confused here how to setup a inbound did.
I have infromation from my did provider who give me a test account.
If anybody is helpfull here and can tell me the steps.
Thanks for the help.

OK, let me give a shot. Here is how I setup my incoming DID. Clink “Inbound Routes”, enter you DID number where is says so. Down below where it says “set destination”, pick your destination, in my case I pick IVR. Save and apply. That’s it!
Keep in mind that you need to setup your trunk for the DID you are setting up, and your case the provider who gave you the test account.

My two cents.

You might have to look at the logs to see the exact format in which the DID is sent from the provider. The entry in the DIS field must match this exactly.