How to set up incoming calls

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a brand new install of FreePBX. I downloaded this from the freepbx site

STABLE – 10.13.66
Release Date: 2016
FreePBX 13 • Linux 6.6 • Asterisk 13

Its all installed, I’ve added my main trunk to trunks and configured outbound rules. I’ve also added a couple of my extensions.

I’ve got a couple of issues, How do I set up the incoming calls?
I use one company for supplying my incoming number and a different company for the outbound trunk.
Where do I set up the incoming number? I’ve got the username/password and sip address etc…

I also want any calls that are received between 9am-5pm directed to extension 100 (with its own operator and voicemail), After 5pm - 9am I need it to forward to a voicemail message saying we are closed. I’ve got mp3 files of the messages so I just need to work out how to set up the timing etc…