How to set up incoming call on all computers

hi, i have the freepbx version and asterisk version I am using the SIP trunk for the setup. The PBx is connected to the SPA3012 gateway and is linked to the VOIP. This VOIP is installed on 3 computers so that these three computer can receive incoming call and make outgoing call. After the PBX has been installed, the incoming call and outgoing call is working. However, only one of the three computers is able to receive the incoming call while the rest of the two computer are not able to receive.

Could some one please tell me what are some of the possible reason that causes this problem?

Have you setup a ring group for the 3 extensions and routed your inbound calls to the ring group?

hi skykiingOH, thanks for the reply. I have create a ring group for the three extensions and routed the inbound call to it. Now all the three extension are able to receive the incoming call. Thanks for the solution.

I am running FreePBX with Asterisk 1.7.1 (straight from the AsteriskNow Distribution. I can access FreePBX from another PC connected to the network, and I have two PCs on the network set up with X-lite4 and they can call each other. I can also leave voice messages that are forwarded to my email. So far so good.

I am having trouble connecting the system to the outside world. I signed up with Broadvoice. I only want to use that trunk for incoming call, but so far, every time I call the number from another phone, I get a “not available” message from Broadvoice. It seems that Asterisk is not connecting to them. When I look at the Free PBX status, everything is green. In particular does it tell me that I have 1 IP Trunk online, and 1 IP Trunk registration (both in green). The registration, however, seems to turn on and off.

I have opened ports 5060 and 10000:20000 on my netgear router. Still nothing.

Can someone tel me how I can trouble shoot this issue? How can I make sure that I have a connection to BroadVoice? And how exactly do I configure freePBX/Asterisk so that it works? I have found some help on the web, but most of it is rather confusing, as it says to change, for example, isp.conf. When I open that file, the first thing it tells me is NOT to change it but do that through the web interface.

Any help in troubleshooting this is appreciated.