How to set up a hot phone

In traditional PBX, there is a way to set up a hot phone–when users pick up this phone, the phone will immediately dial a pre-specified number by itself. This function can be convenient for door phones.

I wonder whether it is possible to set up hot phones in freePBX.


That is a function of the phone or ata
I have used cheap 40.00 GS Budget tone phones and cisco 186 ata’s

You program it dail the number when it goes off hook and if you use custom contexts for the phone you control what that can do …i.e. no outside dailing…

Thanks for the tip. I have Sipura1001. I log in as an Admin. Do you know which section should I program the number for the phone to automatically dial when it goes off hock?

Thanks again.

Under the Line 1 tab (or whatever you have on that model), scroll down to the bottom to “Dial Plan” and change the Dial Plan to this:
Replace 123 with the number of the extension or ring group (or whatever) that you want to call when the phone is picked up.

Great! I will try.

Many thanks :slight_smile: