How to set the callerid on outbound followme

Is there any way to change the callerid on an outbound followme? I want it to show the DID that was called rather than the ID of the person that was calling.


Yes it is possible IF (yes big if) your carrier allows it to happen. Many carriers will not allow you to set a outbound CID that is outside your “owned” number space. We for example have a 100 DID block and can set it to anything we want but they mask and force the beginning digits except for the last two. There are potential legal reasons for them doing this as you can spoof another number which is illegal in many areas.

Search the forum as this has been discussed before and working examples for one or more providers ahve been provided.

I know it can be done - I’ve hard-coded it in the extensions_additional.conf (and my carrier allows it). I just couldn’t find a place in the FreePBX GUI to set it (for followme). I’ll search the forum though…

followme is not setup to send the DID that was called, it is only setup to send the CID of the caller unless you block that ability and with “Never Override CID” on the trunk in question in which case it will send the trunk’s default CID. If you want to do otherwise, you will have to customize the system.

It’s probably not a feature that would be used by a lot of people, but in the case of someone doing consulting for multiple companies, it’d be nice to be able to forward the DID of the line that you have for that company to a mobile phone so that you at least have an idea of how to answer. Of course this would all be solved if there was some technology to pass alpha-numeric to mobile phones…

Thanks anyway - I’ll just hard code it.

others have requested similar, and there may very well be a feature request for such in the system but for now, that is what it will take.