How to set distinc ring in my environment

Asterisk (Ver. 11.6.0)

From an IVR
Press 1 for her
Press 2 for him

Each have their own phone extension and share one analog phone connected to a Cisco SPA112 on one line at extension 1001.

What I did is:
Her = ext 1000
I created a ring group that rings at:
her cell phone

Him = ext 2000
I created a ring group that rings at:
his cell phone

I would like 1001 to have different ring for him or her.

Looking into the ring group configuration I tried putting “him” and “her” in “CID Name Prefix” but although I see the original caller ID on the call, I see no difference between him and her.

Anything else I can try?

ok I got it figured out, my problem is my analog phone doesn’t support distinct ring and it does display him or her in front of caller ID after all.