How To Set Description in Asterisk

I use the Asterisk info page to check the status of my phones. On the Peers page I see a description field. How do I set this?

This field is populated to whatever the description parameter is set in sip.conf (and its includes) for the peers. Since FreePBX doesn’t use this parameter nor expose it in the GUI for a user to set, it is unused.

Ah well, thanks for the reply.

Be awesome to have some more description fields in FreePBX gui for extensions and outbound routes and trunks. Feature requests are in. Its one thing to manage pbx’s with 1 or 2 systems with 10 or 20 phones. Another matter to manage them multiple systems with hundreds of extensions.

Agree. I only have about 10 extensions and I could use better descriptions.

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As a test, it should be simple enough to add it to the “sip-custom” file and see if it gets picked up. You might need to through a (+) on the end of the context to get It added to the context, but it seems like it should be pretty straightforward to test and see if it’s going to do what you need.

What is the format? How do I connect the description to the extension number? Is there a sample somewhere?

I googled it, and there aren’t a lot of references to it. In general, it appears that you just need to add an entry that says:

description=Your Description

The one place I found that uses is suggested putting it in the “[general]” context, which applies it to all of the other SIP contexts. If you wanted to try that, you could add a “[general] (+)” context to your sipcustomconf file and see what happens.