How to set an extension to work remotely, distant from LAN network


My Freepbx system is working on a local LAN, most of the extensions Sangoma phones are all connected to local LAN ( 192.168.1.xx )

However i need to have an extension working abroad remotely. ( home working employee )
How could i set that extension to connect and work with my Freepbx server from WAN ?
At remote hand the home working employee has a public ip and he should connect his Sangoma phone to his local LAN.

Can someone show me how to set this up ?
Many thanks,

You basically have 2 options. Either open/forward ports on the router that FreePBX connects to, or set up a VPN, either a site-to-site or a client-server if the phone on the remote side has a vpn client embedded in its firmware.

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