How to sent ring tone for an extension to a speaker

Have customer that has 3 extensions on a production floor that is to loud for users to here their phones ring and want to sent the ring to a overhead speaker.

First of all, you need to determine how loud you need it to be.

This site has several examples of loud external ringers.

To use something like this, you’ll need an ATA.

Configure the ATA with a new extension number.

In the configuration for the original extensions (the ones on the production floor) enable follow me. Set the initial ring time as low as you can get it.
put the number of the original extension and the new extension you created for the ATA in the number box.

Now when the origional phone rings, it will also ring the loud ringer.

This will work if you are to have a separate loud ringer for each phone.

If you want to have one loud ringer servicing all three phones, you can do it with ring groups.

to set up ring groups:

  1. Set up an ATA/external ringer as above.

  2. Set up the floor phones with three new extension numbers. Put the former extension number in the Sip Alias field in extension setup in FreePBX.

  3. Set up 3 ring groups. Number them with the former extensions. in each ring group, you’ll have two entries, the new extension number corresponding to one of the original phones and the ATA number. Set to ringall.

  4. Point any inbound routes, etc to the corresponding ring group.

  5. Now when a call comes in, it will ring both the phone and the external ringer.

This is a lot easier to do than it is to explain…

Let me know if you need further info…