How to send "Text to Speech" via dialing an extension

My goal is to pickup a phone, dial an extension, along with whatever digits required, and have an audio message played to the person answering the phone. Ultimately the dialing of the extension and the required digits will be done by a system outside of FreePBX using a softphone.

My thinking was to:
a. Setup a “Text To Speech” item
b. Trigger the sending of the “Text to Speech Item” to an extension by dialing the destination extension plus additional digits so that the Text to Speech Item is sent and played to the person answering the destination extension.

a. Is this possible? If not, ideas?
b. If possible, how can I do it?


You’re conceptual framework seems to be fractured, or I’m misunderstanding your question.

  • Dial a number.
  • Play back an announcement.

Seems to meet your needs. What did I miss?

Sorry, I was unclear. Does the following help?

I’m trying to send a prerecorded message to certain extensions by:

a. Having another program (outside of FreePBX) dial an Agent’s extension using Bria Light
b. Wait for the Agent to answer
c. Play a prerecorded message to the Agent


  • No human interaction would be employed in sending the prerecorded message to an Agent
  • This is not a blast message going to dozens of people
  • Each time a certain condition is met in the other program, it would select an Agent’s extension to call and play the prerecorded message and assume they answer the phone it would stop.

You do this in Asterisk using the ORIGINATE which can be done using dialplan or more likely in your case with AMI. You originate a call to the first channel, and upon answer, the answering channel is bridged to your announcement.

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Your the man.

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