How to send a sipaddheader when call parked via parking lot module


I am trying to add the following sipaddheader field when a call is parked at the parking lot and just before the system announces where the call is parked.

polycom phones have a possibility of receiving information when a warning field is sent to it as a warning code with text between 3xx series of error codes which appear to be user definable based on their admin guide which is then displayed as a dialog box on the phones display for 3 seconds.

my question is, where is the code for the parking lot in the freepbx system.

if i wanted to send a header field such as the following, what would be the right way to accomplish this in freepbx 2.7/2.8 without breaking freepbx:

SipAddHeader(Warning: 301 pbx.local “Call parked at lot ${lot}” )

and how would i know where asterisk parked the call, so I send that info to the polycom phone.

appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

You need to look at the code in Asterisk for the park() and parkandannounce() applications.

thanks for that.

where in Freepbx config files does the park() and parkandannounce() app get invoked.

if you know off the top of your head, that would save some time looking around.