How To Secure MySQL?

Just wondering how to secure MySQL here. I tried changing the Password in the config, however that caused it to break the Web UI. Where do I go to change the password FOR ALL APPLICATIONS that use MySQL?

Change asteriskuser SQL password :

  • Change AMPDBPASS=amp109 in /etc/amportal.conf
  • Change PASSWORD in database : SET PASSWORD FOR 'asteriskuser'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('amp109');

Change asterisk manager password :

  • Change secret = amp111 in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf
  • Change AMPMGRPASS=amp111 in /etc/amportal.conf

Change default root SQL password :

  • SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('default_password');

I change passwords in manager.conf and amportal.conf and in mysql. Connection to mysql works with the new password (cecked with external program) put FreePBX will not connect.
Message by opening the webside:
DB Error: connect failed

Any help?

Regards Markus

OK I get it. Changing the permission of the asterisk user was the problem. Getting back to “localhost” solves my problem.