How to route incoming calls?


My SIP provider doesn’t present incoming DID with calls, so how can I route them?

We have 4 trunks, for 4 different companies so I need to route them somehow otherwise they’ll just be all over the place?


use any DID / any CID

i guess each company will have its own trunk.

Yeah, they have there own trunk but for instance we have 1 company on extn 755 with a phone no. of 1234, and company on extension 750 with a phone no. of 2234.

If I place call from my mobile to 2234 calls should go to 750 but are crossing over to extn 755.

are the companies linked together? or totally separate?

Linked in the sense that they’re both in the same building but totally seperate as far as the pbx is concerned (they’re not in the same ring group or anything like that.)

Set up multiple ring groups, one for each company. Go to connectivity, inbound routes and set up the did you want, at the bottom of the page set destination and route that incoming did # to the ring group.

For instance…

Set up a new ring group in applications… call it ring group 700 for company A. Set up the extensions in extension lists. As you would normally do it for a ring group. Do the same for the other ring groups, call them group 800 for company B and so on.

Go to connectivity, click inbound routes, enter description as company_A or the company name. DID Number would be the incoming DID 10 digit, the rest is simple, at the end, select the destination and select the ringgroup for the company.

Are you saying, you do not have individual DID numbers?