How to route a trunk to a different IVR


i have few sip trunks from many DID providers. I would like to add country /area specific IVRs to a specific trunk. Like for my trunk from pennytel, i would want an australian specific IVR.I have tried to create Inbound route with the DID no but it doesnt work, instead its answered by general ivr set by “any cid/any did” inbound route.

Can someon help me how can i create Trunk Specific IVrs or inbound routes.

Try calling in your your pennytel trunk while you are watching the CLI. Somewhere, in that realm of stuff, is the DID that pennytel is delivering to you. Create an inbound route based on that DID and it should work swimmingly.


Thanks for your help, i have logged in to cli and tried calling, but where does it show my did NO? heres the log from cli.

recordingcheck|20081226-123219|1230294730.128: No DB Entry AMPUSER/508/recording - Not Recording for 508, checking for others
dialparties.agi: Starting New Dialparties.agi
dialparties.agi: Caller ID name is ‘0200’ number is '0200’
dialparties.agi: Methodology of ring is 'ringall’
dialparties.agi: Extension 500 has ExtensionState: 0
dialparties.agi: Extension 501 has ExtensionState: 4
dialparties.agi: Extension 502 has ExtensionState: 4
dialparties.agi: Extension 503 has ExtensionState: 4
dialparties.agi: Extension 504 has ExtensionState: -1
dialparties.agi: Extension 505 has ExtensionState: 4
dialparties.agi: Extension 506 has ExtensionState: -1
dialparties.agi: Extension 507 has ExtensionState: 4
dialparties.agi: Extension 508 has ExtensionState: -1
recordingcheck|20081226-123250|1230294730.128: No AMPUSER db entry for . Not recording

You have not posted the whole output.

You need to set verbosity to 3

‘core set verbose 3’

then you will get more detail.