How to reset vqplus queue callback position

Hi all,
i have a problem with queuecallback module.
the position when a caller enter in the queue his position is 12XX then the call back is never done.

how can i reset the queue callback

Which version of VQplus do you have?

fwconsole restart vqplus from command line. This immediately starts calling people back so do it when someone can answer.

Script this if you have to, to reset it often if it gets stuck often like mine does. Like script it at like 1 minute before start of shift daily.

This is a fat band-aid. If there’s a bug in the software that keeps on stopping it, you need to apply a proper fix. Contact support…

Good day!
Did you fid a reason or a solution?
I have the same problem((((

It happened recently on one of our servers, I restarted the service and it’s been fine for 3 weeks now.

If it keeps on happening and you are on the latest version, contact support.

Anyway, Queue Callback is badly designed, it doesn’t seem like the Sangoma Developers like it, we were told a while ago that every time it crashes the solution would be to upgrade to edge and restart the service “cuz we are using it a lot”…

Thank you for answer.
Version of app is 13.0.27 and it’s looks like its a last version for FreePBX 13.(((((

Keep in mind, if your license expired or you didn’t pay the maintenance renewal fee, you won’t get any updates, and you won’t be able to contact support.

Thank you!
It helped!
I payd a fee and update vq plus to actual version and problem was solved!

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