How to reset HA cluster configuration to start over?

I screwed up my cluster by accidentally removing the SSH key from authorized_keys while messing around with the warm spare server setup. Then, I started messing with my deployment activation to “reset” the HA module back to a starting point, but now it doesn’t show any status at all.

I even tried uninstalling the HA module and removing it, but after installing it again, it appears to think it’s still part of a cluster.

Thoughts on resetting the HA configuration back to the very start so I can create a new cluster?

Oh, and of course I ran the cluster health check and ran the commands it said to repair the cluster but those didn’t work.

I rebuilt both boxes in my cluster and now I’m trying to “Create a new Cluster” but the prerequisites are not running. It’s a fresh HA install of the latest FreePBX Distro. ugh!