How to reserve one channel for incoming call

i need you support, for my configuration on FreePBX13.
I would reserve uno of four channel for incoming call, is it possible?
Now i have configured my trunk---->Bri call-limit=3 but with this configuration i don have reserv one channel for incoming call.

What kind of channel? With PRI or other DAHDI channels, you can specify the channels you want to use using a special identifier.

If you are, in fact, using an ISDN connection (your BRI-channels reference, you can specify the names of each of the names in the channels in your DAHDI configuration files. By doing this, you can group them into two trunks - one with one channel for outgoing only and one for your incoming calls.

It’s not “simple” but it should be possible.

explain to me better how to proceed.
I use an isdn connection and my trunk for incoming calls I called “Bri”, let me know how to reserve one of the 4 channels available to me only for incoming calls

When you set up your channels, you can group them and use the group in a trunk.

In the example we’re talking about, you can use channels 2-4 in Group 2 and channel 1 in group 1. Set up your inbound routes so that all channels from all groups are handled in your Incoming Routes, and only use Group 2 for Outgoing Routes. is the Wiki that gives you all of the details you should need.

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