How to remove + from caller ID


I have tried everything that is out on the web and i am not able to remove the + sign from my caller ID because when i call back the call does not go through from the phone because of the + sign being there.

I have a trunk with
and i also have a trunk with

please help.

Try using the context from-pstn-e164-us on your trunk (its in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf), this may do what you want, in my case I did need to modify it a bit do do exactly what I wanted, I just put the re-written context in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf.

Here are the notes:

; from-pstn-e164-us:
; The context is designed for providers who send calls in e164 format and is
; biased towards NPA calls, callerid and dialing rules. It will do the following:
; DIDs in an NPA e164 format of +1NXXNXXXXXX will be converted to 10 digit DIDs
; DIDs in any other format will be delivered as they are, including e164 non NPA
; DIDs which means they will need the full format including the + in the inbound
; route.
; CallerID(number) presented in e164 NPA format will be trimmed to a 10 digit CID
; CallerID(number) presented in e164 non-NPA (country code other than 1) will be
; reformated from: + to 011