How to remove end point manager settings in extension settings

I set up an extension for an aastra 6869. End point manager currently misconfigures the .cfg files for this model. I have made this an issue and want to build my own .cfg file until this gets resolved. Every time I remove the MAC and phone model info in the extension settings the fields keep re-populating upon submit. I even deleted the end point template and yet the endpoint fields keep re-populating in the extension settings, and rebooted the server.

Can someone please tell me how to clear these fields?

Thank you

If you have the commercial endpoint manager, go to Settings -> Endpoint Manager -> Extension Mapping

Then delete the extension in the list and then do a factory reset on the phone, the configuration should then be cleared and not return.

Thank you. That worked perfectly! I’ve easily cleared the phones, it was this issue that was the problem. Next is dealing with the FTP provisioning. I use the same settings as our other aastra phones but these 6869s will not pick up their .cfg files… These are so new that there is little resource for help.

Are they in the supported list on the endpoint manager page? It is possible that they haven’t been tested. I would go over all of the settings in the web ui on the Aastra phone to make sure you have the boot server/provisioning server setup correctly.

Hi, It was a combo of pilot error on my part and then the ftp server configuration on the host server I was using. As soon as I moved to a different host ftp server everything worked. Thank you for your response.