How To Remove callerid= From sip_additional.conf?

I can’t get Caller ID to display on my phones. I see:

callerid=Home Line <09253131111>

in sip_additional.conf for my trunks. Wouldn’t this overwrite the incoming CID? How do I clear this?

I have confirmed that CID info is being transmitted by my gateways:

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In sip_additional.conf, the “callerid=” field is for your outgoing caller ID on your outbound calls from that trunk.

It has nothing to do with the incoming caller ID.

Crap. I’m trying so hard to figure out why I’m not getting inbound caller id display. I’m only getting what looks like DID.

Watch /var/log/asterisk/full and see if asterisk is getting the CNAM information? My SIP provider charges extra for it…

I have PSTN lines from Comcast I was getting CID information on the old system I was using. If you look at the other thread, I did a packet capture to confirm that CID is being sent by my HT503s.

However, no, I just grepped for CNAM and got no answer. Could this info be filtered somewhere else?

I’m seeing some traffic with internal names like:

CDR(cnam)=Kirk’s Office

But nothing with any of the external calls that have come in.

I just retrieved a message from Grandstream tech support confirming that my HT503 are sending CID info. My reading the of the packet capture is correct.

Can anyone give me any ideas on how it’s getting lost in FreePBX?