How to Remove Call Waiting Tone on Incoming Call?

Hi There,

I am a former Trixbox user that has recently moved to PBX in a Flash and FreePBX. I am using a Rhino Quad FXO card for 2 lines incoming lines.

The issue is as follows. When someone is on the line 1 and we get another caller on line 2, line 1 will suddenly get a tone and the person on the phone has 1 way audio with the caller with the other person for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the call can resume as normal. The call on line 2 is normal during this time. Am I missing a setting in FreePBX?

In order to get incoming calls to work properly for both lines I had to setup 2 extensions for each phone. For for each FXO line. I did not have to do this with my previous Trixbox System.

We are using Polycom 501 and 601 phones.

Any direction on fixing the problem would be nice as this is becoming a big headache.



if not, is this card have hardware echo cancellation? if it does make sure to delete or comment-out the echocanceller= (line) from the /etc/dahdi/system.conf

them amportal stop ==> service dahdi restart ==> amportal start

and try again

Here is my file. Problem did not change after making the change (I commented out the echocanceller lines). This problem is so annoying. I would practically do anything to fix it.

Any other suggestions?



Autogenerated by /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf on Fri May 27 15:32:18 2011

If you edit this file and execute /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf again,

your manual changes will be LOST.

Dahdi Configuration File

This file is parsed by the Dahdi Configurator, dahdi_cfg

Span 1: Rhino RCB4FXO/1 “Rhino RCB4FXO/1” (MASTER)









Global data

loadzone = us
defaultzone = us

Weir did you call Rhino it could be a faulty card