How to reload the new external IP automatically

Everything should recover on its own within the time set by refreshinterval in /etc/asterisk/dnsmgr.conf (default is 300 seconds which is 5 minutes). If that’s too long, lower it, and restart the system.

The phone’s won’t recover for calls in progress, as they manage their DNS lookups independently.

Of course any calls in progress are dead and gone (he rebooted the router and got a new IP address).

I don’t think the OP is expecting existing calls to recover. His complaint is:

With proper configuration, Asterisk will recover quickly without any manual intervention from the IP address change and new calls can then be made.

None of this still solves the issue the OP reported about existing external calls dropping audio when the DHCP lease is renewed and the WAN IP changes. I gave the options to solve that issue.

Just in case people think that this is really a lease renewal, it is actually an eviction and re-housing. An actual renewal would keep the same address. There may well be an ATM disconnect with a new ISP router being found, which would actually be the only sort of valid reason for eviction. If the ATM connection is being retained, the eviction is probably being done to frustrate the running of servers

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