How to register email address per extension

We currently run a live FPBX 2.11 (yes I know it’s ancient) which I am in the process of manually migrating to FPBX16

On our existing live system I have a custom script that runs when someone sets a forward. We do this as the endpoints are unable to show whether a system forward has been set or not. We chose to go down the email route as a visual indication to the user.

We utilise the iSymphony email address field in the Extensions tab on a per extension basis. This is stored in the database. My script queries the database and pulls the email and off it goes. The problem I am facing is with the new system. There’s no longer any field suitable on a per extension basis to set this, not even a generic text ‘notes’ field that I could use.

The voicemail email field is greyed out if Enabled is NO. I tried the DID Description field but anything I put in here seems to be wiped out if no actual DID or CID is entered. I tried the Dictation Services email address field but this does not seem to be stored in the database and any other available field would break something if I put in a random email address.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I could achieve this again, it works very well for us at the moment.

I may have found the solution. I’ve just realised there is a Contact Manager module which can contain all of the necessary info. I see now that if I create a new extension it automatically creates a contact. What threw me is that I imported our 600+ extensions from our old into the new through the bulk handler but by doing it this way it didn’t autogenerate any contacts in the contact manager. I’ll need to whip up a csv and do a bulk import into the contact manager with all the info

Each extension has a “User manager” user. You can assign details there as well.

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