How to register a SIP extension as a SIP trunk on another FreePBX?

Hello Everyone,

I’m struggling here trying to register a SIP Extension as a Trunk on a second FreePBX over the internet. Here’s my scenario: I have a FreePBX machine that i receive a SIP Trunk, on that machine i created a extension, using a softphone (Zoiper Beta on my cellphone) i can connect to that extension, make and receive internal and outbound calls. The same thing is possible over the public IP using 4G on the cellhpone, everything works fine

The problem starts on a second FreePBX server in my house, i created a SIP trunk and input the same information that i had inserted before on the softphone, On the dashboard of that server i can see the yellow line with the trunk “Registered” but actually it didn’t register, if i go on my on Reports > Asterisk Info on my main server, i can’t see that extension registered (showing Ok and the ping ) and not even the IP (That extension is showing as UNKNOWN). I already checked my port forwarding in both firewalls and it is working (sofphone register and make calls without a problems using the same extension)

As a test i even changed the sip port on my main Freepbx (as default sip is 5061, i put the common port back 5060)

I still not seeing the light on the end of the tunnel, since now, i appreciate you attention reading my post and your help.

Have a good night :wink:

Generally speaking, you want to set up trunk-to-trunk for this. If you want to do this with an extension, you don’t connect to a trunk, you connect to an extension.

Now, you should be able to do what you’re trying to do, but you have to do extension to extension. Once you get the extension set up, you can have the extension do whatever you want with the call.

Hi cynjut

I understand what you said, I’ve seen on the wiki the setup for a trunk-to-trunk between 2 FreePBX machines (and then extension in one PBX can call extensions on the other).

That’s not exactly what i need. I don’t need extension from one machine to be able to dial extension on the other. I have a FreePBX where i receive my 2 trunks (we have some extensions running with no problem, connection to the PBX, dialing out and getting calls) They work while using a Polycom phone or any softphone.

On my second FreePBX (in my house) i want to be able to register one extension from the main FreePBX where i receive the trunks (like if the second FreePBX in my house was a softphone, all the calls that goes to that specific extension will be answered by the FreePBX in my house) and all the calls going out to my home FreePBX will use that extension as their outbound line

(Trunks >> Main FreePBX >> internet >> Cellphone with Zoiper registered with extension 101 form MainPBX) On that case the calls made to the extension 101 will ring on the cellphone with zoiper and call made from the zoiper will go through extension 101, no problem

(Trunks >> Main FreePBX >> internet >> Home FreePBX registering same extension 101 as a trunk)
On that case is not showing the extension as registered on the main FreePBX)

in both situations all the inbound and outbound rules are configured (on the second case rules are configured in both FreePBX)

To wrap it up : My Home FreePBX has to be the “softphone” for an extension on the Main FreePBX

Thank you for your attention and help :wink: :smile:

I am no expert but I don’t think you can register the same softphone extension on two FreePBX systems. If it registers at the office it can not register on your home PBX as well and vice versa. You need to decide on which server you want the softphone to exist and then connect to the second server via iax2 trunk.

Having said that, “are you sure you really need this setup”?
What would be the benefit of this scenario?

I’m with @dcitelecom. I can’t imagine a more convoluted way to get what you want to accomplish working. I really think you need to look at the system from what it can do easily, instead of trying to make up some unworkable setup.