How to record Paging and Intercom?

How can I configure FreePBX to record Paging and Intercom calls?

If I use the Intercom prefix from one extension to another it seems to record, but if I use a Page Group, the call/page does not record. Is there any way to configure FreePBX to record Pages?

I suspect you may need to setup an Applications > Misc App that points to an Applications > Call Recording (no ‘s’) flow then to the Paging Group. Dialing the Misc App # will start recording right before passing to the PG…it won’t add any tangible delay to the call flow.

Is there a reason why the Page Group doesn’t have an option to set Call Recording options?

Also, I have Inbound Internal Calls and Outbound Internal Calls both set to Force Record for every extension, so shouldn’t the page be recorded anyway based on that? I thought a page is just a call with auto-answer set.

@TheWebMachine I tried setting up a Misc Application -> Call Recording (set to Force) -> Page Group, but it still is not recording the page.

That is odd…I thought I used that call flow in the past with success. Perhaps I’m mistaken or something has changed in the module that is forcing the recording to stop.

A suggestion on getting some traction on this would be to check /var/log/asterisk/full and watch the call through from start to finish. Posting that onto the FreePBX Pastebin will give you the opportunity to share the call trace with those who can help.

It could be a problem in FreePBX, or it could be something that you’re expecting that is working, just not the way you think it should.

Let us know when you get that call traced so we can look at the process the system is using.

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