How to record a complete call on demand?

I am using FreePBX on an Asterisk box, and I have a question regarding call recording:

Sometimes I need to record calls. The GUI is set to “On Demand”, and
when I set it to “Always”, it records fine, the calls show up in
/var/spool/asterisk/monitor. But they do not show up in the GUI, at
least I have not found them there. But I can get the calls by logging
into a command prompt on the asterisk system, moving the files to a
different directory, and then using Filezilla to extract them to my
Now, when I set the system back to “On Demand”, I can use *1
to initiate a recording. The problem is that the recording is only of
one side of the conversation, which is not what I want.

“Always”-> correct recording but I don’t want to record every call.
“On Demand”-> I can select the calls to be recorded, but only one side is recorded.

How do I get “On Demand” to record the complete conversation?