How to recompile asterisk (Dahdi issues)


I am using the Asterisk Distr (CentOs) and I started to install my Sangoma modules.

The procedure says:
1.Dahdi Installation
2.LibPri installation
3.Asterisk Installation
4.Configuration …

But, I did not do the Asterisk installation, as it was already installed.
Due to this (I think) it is not possible to load the dahdi module
dahdi show channels
No such command ‘dahdi show channels’ (type ‘core show help dahdi show’ for other possible commands)

CLI> module load gives also errors.

In some fora, I saw the proposal to re-build asterisk.

Can somebody give me some hints how I can rebuild asterisk properly when I installed it from the distro ?


What distro?

You should never have to recompile Asterisk in a distro.

If you are using our “the official FreePBX” Distro, Sangoma software and DAHDI installed by default.


I am using the officual distro, downloaded from:

But, as you can see, it does give the output I expect.


You have to configure the DAHDI channels to your hardware before they will appear in Asterisk.

Have you run the setup-sangoma script?

I reïnstalled the distro again and executed the setup-sangoma script.


The setup-sangoma script does not give me the possibility to configurate the ports for the W400 (no problem for the A500)

AFT-W400 detected on slot:4 bus:3 port:1

AFT-W400 on slot:4 bus:3 not configured
Press any key to continue:


I installed Elastix…
And this has automatic HW detection for Sangoma :slight_smile:


Sven, it’s the same setup-sangoma script.

Elastix is also a fork of FreePBX. It’s a big change.

Leap Frog,

When I run the setup-sangoma script, it recognises the A500 but not the A400.

This is the only output I have

AFT-W400 detected on slot:4 bus:2 port:1

AFT-W400 on slot:4 bus:2 not configured
Press any key to continue:

For the elastix, I found a yum update:
yum update asterisk* wanpipe* --enablerepo=elastix-beta -y
But I can’t find a way to update freepbx (and I prefer Freepbx, Elastix has other disadvantages)