How to re-register phone

I am running FreePBX 15 in my office, and I have a phone at home. Once in a while the phone loses connection to the server (maybe a power glitch or something else). It’s an AAstra phone, and I can reset the phone from it’s keyboard, but it will not register (message: No Service). I have to reboot the server, and then the phone registers again.
Why is that? How can I re-register the phone without having to take the whole system down?

2nd time you asked same question

Did you check Asterisk, Phone and Edge Firewall ( Your Office ) logs. ? You must see something on the logs. Without logs how we can guess your Phone Registration issue… ?
Pls try to add more logs and clues to make you suggestions.



I’ve seen this issue also with various handsets at my home in the past (following certain Internet outages I believe). It’s not something that’s happened often or recently, but it was definitely a thing when I was setting up some handsets from home last year & my Internet/router was having intermittent issues. At the time (& once Internet connectivity was restored), I could find nothing in logs except evidence of the endpoints going ‘Not Reachable’, with no apparent attempt to re-connect until a PBX reboot, then everything was fine again (which suggests to me that maybe the PBX firewall/Intrusion Detection had decided to block the connections following the connectivity issues, until the PBX reboot that is).

I didn’t spend enough time to get any further with it & so don’t have a solution I’m afraid (sorry).

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