How to put values into aastra.cfg with Commercial EPM?

Hello, I’m testing with Commercial EPM

I would like to find out if I can define values in the shared aastra.cfg file using EPM. Currently, EPM seems only to put values into a phone-specific MAC address template file and does not creating an aastra.cfg at all. The later seems to be a bug, as the Aastra phones don’t read their MAC address configuration file at all if aastra.cfg does not exist. I just created one with a comment line in it to work around this.

But it would be nice to maintain aastra.cfg contents through EPM. In particular, VLAN settings need to go in this file as the Aastra phones will not be discoverable by EPM’s NMAP scan if they are not in the right VLAN, and the phone specific MAC config is a pain to create without phone autodiscovery working (chicken-and-egg situation).

Tim Miller Dyck