How to put a timer limit on a SIP trunk to failover to ZAP if SIP is not available?

Hi everyone,

From time to time my VSP goes down or they don’t have a router available or my internet goes down. But since we have ZAP lines installed, I want to use them as backup lines. ZAP lines are already setup in Outbound routes as the last trunk to be used for dialing. Unfortunately, when there is no internet Asterisk waits for ever to do DNS reverse or receive a response back from SIP provider and FreePBX doesn’t move onto ZAP lines.

Is there a place I can set a timer to a trunk let’s say about 5 seconds so that it moves quickly to ZAP lines?

***Bonus would be if this feature would allow me to run a little shell script to log the incident as well with a time stamp in order for me to know at what times my VSP is down.


Anything anyone?

No one uses this feature?

No there are simply too many articles explaining how to fix the Asterisk DNS issue. People just get tired of answering questions over and over again.

If Asterisk can’t resolve the URL to your VSP it will never return unavailable so FreePBX can redial using the next resource defined in the outbound route.

You have to run a cacheing name server on your system.