How to purge unused custom system recordings

When you upload a custom system recording, it gets saved as custom/your-recording-name

You can unlink a system recording from a recording by pressing the red X:

However even after it’s unlinked from all recordings, it still stays in the system as you can search for it. i.e. if I removed “custom/disclaimer”, it’s still showing in the search of available recordings to add:

How do I fully purge all unlinked/unused custom recordings? I’m fine with running a back-end scripts/commands as well.

You will need to also delete the record in tyhe mysql asterisk database table named ‘recordings’

@Sangoma please add a button to ‘clear orphaned/unused custom system recordings’

If you upload recordings then remove them using GUI (by pressing red ‘x’), it doesn’t actually delete the custom recording files so they stay, take up space, and you can’t name a new recording with the same name so it conflicts. That is why an option to remove unused custom recordings is best.

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