How to provision Yealink phone?

Maybe I am wrong but typically when you hire any kind support, they field your questions and give feedback. If they dont, thats "absurd":grinning:

You would be. Why would you pay someone $250/hour so they can take your call and go “Oh well no one here is familiar with that. Plus it’s out of our scope.”. There, your questions where fielded and you got feedback. You wouldn’t call Apple and be like “Hey man, I’m paying you for support. Tell me how to fix my Windows 10 machine”.

Tech Support is a costly endeavor for companies. Having your tech on the phone for 20-30 minutes for no reason only to explain nicely and continually “We don’t support that. You need to do X” means that tech isn’t taking issues that are actually related to real support that is covered for user with real issues.

Then you have the “Well we just paid you X amount up front for support credits and you charged us Y amount against our balance and YOU DID NOTHING. We want a refund for our credits that were charged.” So that’s a second interaction someone spent time on and now you have to get another department involved because either you’re giving a refund or dealing with the not giving a refund conversation.

Sangoma support is not the Internet, it’s not there just to call and ask non-related questions.

OK, but that procedure isn’t in the Admin manual. Provisioning is what they call it, and they devote many pages to it. I’ll try to log into the phone GUI and poke around and see if I can “register” the phone to the PBX, as you say.

I didnt even read your reply, its so long and probably irrelevant, have a good weekend Tom

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Lame. Have an excellent weekend, Luke.

This thread is out of control. On your Yealink phone, press Menu then 1. You will see its IP address.

Open that address in your browser. You should see a login page. Enter ‘admin’ (without the quotes) for both Username and Password. Click Confirm.

Click the Account tab. Set Line Active to Enabled. Fill in Label and Display Name as desired. Put the extension number into both Register Name and User Name. Put the secret for the extension into Password. Under SIP Server 1, set Server Host to the LAN IP address of your Pi and set the port number (defaults are 5060 for pjsip, 5160 for chan_sip). Press Confirm.

If you can’t make and receive calls, report what the phone shows for Account Status, any errors in Asterisk log, etc.

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Wow. After doing that, I get a dial tone. And I don’t even have a trunk yet. I suppose I should go out and buy a trunk and figure out how to configure the trunk and the incoming and outgoing routes. Thanks!

If you want simple and easy to setup trunking look at FreePBXs very own

This is SIP - the dial tone is coming from Asterisk (since all of your interaction from the phone goes through Asterisk). Asterisk is a “back to back user agent”, which means there are no “direct” connections from endpoint to endpoint. When you dial the phone, you dial to Asterisk, which then takes the number you dialed and processes it. If you don’t have any trunks, the call will fail, but that’s to be expected, since the other endpoint (the trunk) isn’t there.

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