How to protect my SIP Trunk Connection?

how to secure a server with a sip trunks of the user or an outsider trying to break into the server . to my server using linux cent os.

I’m gonna guess this is what you want:

  1. Install the latest FreePBX with Asterisk 13.
  2. Set up your ChanSIP or PJSIP ports so they go to different ports. Anything but 5060 and 5061.
  3. Set up the adaptive firewall.
  4. Set up really good passwords (at least 16 characters, etc.)
  5. Do not turn off “fail2ban” and look at the logs for your server once in a while.
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feedback was very useful for me . thanks @cynjut . I 'll try it :slight_smile:

You can add additional security if all your phones are internal to the sever, you could then isolate your SIP/PJSIP from the outside world. You can also restrict the SIP traffic excessively to your SIP provider’s IPs and other trusted networks.
Enable HTTPS if you have expose your UCP to the pubic,
Use TLS, VPN or Certs on your remote phones if you have to have outside SIP access