How to prevent 'can't match request to NOTIFY' messages

When I have ‘mailbox=…’ in sip_additional.conf for my Siemens Gigaset S450IP I get thousands of messages:-

[Dec 16 12:36:51] WARNING[1892] chan_sip.c: Remote host can’t match request NOTIFY to call ‘[email protected]’. Giving up.

As the Gigaset S450IP does not support message summary this WARNING is the result. As you can imagine, the asterisk log fills rapidly with these messages.

If I remove the entire ‘mailbox=’ line from sip_additional.conf then I don’t get the messages. Is there any way to prevent FreePBX from writing these lines? It even writes them when the value is empty.



how about contacting Siemens and having them get their firmware updates. This sounds like it is isolated to their equipment.

Believe me - I have tried… and tried… and tried…

I simply don’t want asterisk trying to send the simple message - especially as it is not relevant and arguably a waste of bandwidth…

the other option - replace the Siemens phone with a more mainstream phone. Right now there are no plans of providing customizations to those fields because we plan on gutting that whole section of code at which point the fields will probably be configurable. Otherwise, create a php hook that is called by retrieve_conf after everything is generated, and have it post process the generated sip files automatically.

I agree that the Siemens SIP implementation leaves a lot to be desired - particularly on the message notification side.

However, having the convenience of DECT combined with VoiP has been very useful - it was certainly a bonus on the wife acceptance scale.

I take your point that we can’t possibly expect to accommodate every quirky device out there in VoiP land - FreePBX seems to be evolving and I’m starting to see more potential for customi(s|z)ation to address issues such as this.

I’ll sit tight and have a think about how much my next donation should be, especially with some of the good 2.4 changes coming…

Many thanks for all your efforts!


take a look at the snom DECT phone the introduced a couple months ago. Looks nice, reasonable price. I haven’t used it but it may fit the bill. That or ATA + Cordless.

Thanks - I’ll check it out.

I tried the ATA+cordless route but found the delay on the ATA (SPA3102) to be unacceptable - had so many problems with echo etc.

I need to get her past the ‘why can’t we have a normal phone like everyone else’ phase… getting there slowly :slight_smile:


you’ll never get her past that…