How to preserve extension CID

Hi everyone,

there’s a way that I can send a call through a PSTN trunk and use the extension CID instead of trunk CID?


Hi rsferreira,

A few assumptions I am going to make based on the very short description you posted.

  1. You are wanting to outpulse a full CID number (DID) and not a 3 or 4 digit extension.
  2. You are using either analog lines or a PRI.
  3. You know the difference between CID and CNAM.
  4. A SIP trunk is not feasible in your situation.

The short answer is “probably not”. When you are dealing with PSTN connections (I will assume analog here), it is ultimately the carrier who outpulses the CID information, one line, one associated number, and there is no way for you to override this on a line by line basis that I am aware of.

If we are talking about a PRI, then yes. You can send out any number that have on that PRI. As long as you have DID’s that ride in across that PRI you can have FreePBX send out the associated DID of the extension when an outbound call is placed. If you have an issue with this you will need to contact your PRI provider.

A few PRI carriers if you ask nicely will let you send any Caller ID Number but they are becoming more rare. You would need to ask the carrier.

I hope this helps.

Hi TJ.Stamm,

Let me “draw” better what I have here.

We are a Telephony Company in Brazil (I dont know if Telehony Compamy would be the right translate, but we have real numbers, and we give this numbers to our clients, like AT&T for example). And in some cases, where we have FreePBX running we ran into this “problem”. Because a company that hire our iPBX, can have for example 10 DID, and when I’m configuring the FreePBX, I create all those 10 trunks for inbound, but I dont know, how can I send the Outbound ID from the extension through the trunk.
For example:

Extension: 1010
callerid: 1340101010 (Brazil number format)

and lets assume that I have a trunk 1340101000.

Everytime that the extesion 1010 place a outbound call, I should use the callerid “1340101010” but it using the callerid from the trunk instead.

If I was using pure asterisk, I could use this dial command Dial(SIP/${CALLERID(num)}/${EXTEN},20,Tt); and it would be used the extension callerid.
I’m using SIP to send calls to my gateway (its an OpenSIPs), and then the OpenSIPs send the calls to my PSTN Gateway (because we have to SS#7, so our PSTN gateway handle the SS#7 protocol).

Did my information help? Or I made it worst?